Balancing Life After Baby – Personal and Professional


How many times you have walked through the aisle of motherhood? If it’s your very first, it rings an alarming take on your life. 

Of course, there can’t be anything as surreal and rewarding as being a mother is, but Hello, it also drags your life upside down for a whole initial period. 

If you’re new in this journey, and a working momma too, you actually need to STOP and envision your life once again. Rather than stressing on life changes and miserably falling prey to postpartum depression, you can actually make it all clean and going!

If you are a stay at home mom or for that matter working potentially on a corporate ladder, the struggle is REAL to raise a new member, all by yourself. Great, if you get some help but if not you can still thrive like a true boss in this race.

There can be several tips and tricks that possibly I can share with you to make up for a balanced yet productive life-.

1.Set a plan before the day ahead:

You’ll thank me later, but this is the key for the elite, successful personalities of the world to even the most normal (like me) moms out there. You can manage to take the day as it is if you have a plan handy. Buy a fancy day organizing planner if you have to or start as normal as planning your day in a  journal. 

That may include, your very basic baby routine to what your professional commitments are, for that particular day. If you are a mom of a toddler, then certainly there could be activity planning, meal planning, running errands to working schedules and more. 

2. Find time for working out:

The key to sanity is definitely a healthy mind and body. Choose any form of workout that sails your boat and indulge in it faithfully. Remember, while you smother your child with plentiful of kisses and juggle the life that is, you can only sustain when you’re mentally at peace. Workout for at least 30-45 minutes a day, or if you’re new in this grind, start with a brisk walk for a set time in a day.

3. “Me Time”:

I am sure, that’s not only me, where I yearn for some me time wholeheartedly. But seeing a baby/toddler rising demands every odd hour makes it totally impossible. If you have no help back home, and you are watching your baby all this time, you deserve time for some self-indulgence. So every now and then, ask your partner, parents or in-laws if available to watch out for the kid. As they say, family support is paramount and if you have the luxury to steal some “me time”, don’t lurk behind.

You can do as little as sipping a warm cup of coffee while scrolling your social media (busy mom, you can) to even heading for a good spa treatment or catch a good movie for that sake. 

4. Very important – Steal some hours with your partner:

After all, the key to a happy marriage and a family is having some leisure good time with your partner. Make sure you get your dose. Ask your partner to catch up with you from busy office hours or indulge in some delish food/wine hours after your little one dose off. The key to a burgeoning gleeful relationship is less stress and more love and while you both are in the concretely happy equation, the struggle gets totally smooth. 

Don’t shy away, from planning a date night if the situation allows and you get some help back home to look after your little joy.

5. Make morning go easy:

Believe it or not, mornings are already taxing as so much is needed to be done while you’re running late for that daily office grind too. Once you have a child, the errands, managing work, house, husband and so much put you in an endless pressure ride. So, plan your mornings easy and don’t load it up with every possible task. Remember, if mornings can be made happy, you can plan your rest of the day even more productive and full of positivity.

6. Aware your employer of your commitments:

Stay at home mom or not, you get to seek positivity in a whole new way. But the pressure sinks in while you are working full time or from home. Let your employer know, your schedules and ask for cooperation while you set into the daily momentum. The bond that you share with your employer certainly helps you in managing your personal and professional life in a happy way.

7. Stay at home working moms – Dress up and ditch those pyjamas

While there can’t be anything as comfortable and relaxing than a pair of jammies, you need to ditch them ASAP! Staying at home and raising your child does not mean your life is over. Certainly, look at the sunshine, bright and bold. Dress up to ward off those dull moments and put on some makeup to soak in the liveliness of life. 

Research says moms who stay in PJs, day in day out are less productive than moms who take the challenge of dressing up. So, why not do some hair and makeup?

All new moms or old, if you’re stuck in a balancing rut, this is your opportunity to welcome every new day like a ray of new sunshine that shall be encompassing your world with all the positive energy. 

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