How To Get Things Done (Mom or Not)?


If there is one thing that makes all the barriers between success and failure is the fact of – Not Even Trying! How can one taste success or failure, without even trying? You are a clean failure without trying and trying itself makes you a winner. 

To put it all straight, you cannot learn swimming without jumping in the pool? Right?

So, here it is. 

I don’t want to be a preacher here, but of course, would love to share my end of the story in a way that transitioned my life after I tried this simple yet sorted formula in my life. 

If you are a mom or not, these basic habits can make a big impact on your life. 

For moms, when the struggle is real and each day you are trampling with zillions tasks, a little management can set a life, that somewhere or the other surely minimize your round of punch-up.

1. Stop procrastinating

You hear it, all the time. Again and again; Yet you do it. So, here is the thing – stop procrastinating. Do what you have to as there are certain dreams, your bit of things that are sluggishly postponed for tomorrow and as you know, that tomorrow never shows up. Start it with a basic mindset of doing it now, and have the zeal to get it done.

Moms are always in the zone of “no time” for themselves and they easily get caught up with this simple subconscious state of mind of postponing things with an excuse.

2. Pre-plan your day

I use these reminders to get a hang of things all the time..

You might not be a superhuman or for that matter a supermom, yet you can get the things done as planned. Buy a journal if you have to and plan your day or daily humdrum in that journal. 

Research shows, people who stay organized and planned have better alignment to achieve their targets. Also, pursuing this habit on a daily basis open room for all other things that you’ve been only thinking about all the while. Like, you can work out, meditate, meet a friend or two, and yes get the work done.

3.  Present counts

Staying in your active zone is essentially the key to be more progressive of your work. Let’s say you are a new mom and you’ve been dwelling with all the new things happening with your body, career, home and your relationship. But instead of feeling overwhelmed, you have the potential to fix it and be optimistic about that silver lining. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Likewise, you’ve been stuck in a  bad organization, with a gruesome boss nagging you all the time, but still, you are doing your bit. The optimism here is either grabbing a new job or pleasing your seniors for a team change. 

So, here your course to stay in the present does all the things and you love everything no matter how awful things are. That way, you are capable to do almost everything with a zealous mindset and double your potential.

4. Wellness

Pursuing wellness doesn’t come overnight. You need to thrive, hard. That said, wellness and a good course of exercise if performed regularly can help you stay focussed and allow you to get things done smoothly. All the new moms take note, for a lifestyle that you are in, that is strenuous and taxing, you can function with a positive mindset that is yielded by a  healthy body. Eat well, exercise well and see you have an awesome bout of energy to get things done progressively.

5. Say goodbye to excuses

Just like saying bye to your ex-es had been a grilling task, so is saying goodbye to your excuses can be. But sooner or later, this has to be done. Our struggles or daily balance in life stimulates an excuse or a two, for not getting things done the way it is planned. Unless there is nothing unfortunate, you can try and ward off giving excuses, first to yourself. 

There should be no room for an excuse – for not working out, for not eating right, for not planning your day in advance to n number of things that deter your life. Trust me, if you assure yourself, rest will be all OK. 

Let alone giving excuses to your boss, partner, parents or friends, you need to eradicate this first from yourself.

6. Look for short term goals

Who doesn’t like achieving targets rather than chasing after those that do not seem to meet? Hence, look for short term goals and do everything to accomplish them. Planning short term goals are more beneficial and offers promising results, as it lingers over you to get it done in a short span. However, long term goals may get little tiresome and definitely need your dire commitment.

One can also plan to seize long term objectives by segregating it into small chunks of aims and voila, you somehow meet the endpoint. 

For a life today, moving towards short term goals does wonders and certainly minimizes the sinking pressure to prove yourself. 

That’s that.

I tried throwing light on my struggles once I had my baby wherein I managed my work, my baby, home and everything that surrounded my shell. Equally frustrated, overwhelmed and what not, I was nothing short of a mess.

But as they say, you need to heal yourself first. I healed my mind with a course of mediation and seeking the help of my loved ones.

To things that were possibly endless to do, to actually getting the tasks done, all by myself. I never knew I had such potential.

From working from home and managing a new life, with little help here and there, life really shows up its colours, when you believe in the positives.

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