I’m here….after 3 years


Hi peeps!

As they say, never say never and hence, here I am!

After almost three years, probably I thought I would never able to make it back to my blogging game, I am glad I can finally say Hi again, you guys!

I am here with my whole new bunch of milestones and to top it all, it has to be motherhood!

All this time. while I was delving into the daily corporate grind and rearing a child, I always losing somewhere. It was all about how I could bring it all before you guys and share my struggles/happy moments and whatever it all takes to rear a good life at the end.

So, to interpret ( in a nutshell) – I became a MOM to a beautiful baby girl, named Keisha. Left my full-time job (may for a whole short span) and yes, doing not much then knitting some wholesome bond of delightful memories. 

I have my days of weariness, resentment, overwhelm at every hour, as the transition from working full time on a corporate ladder to staying back home takes a toll on your mind. But as they say, you can always seek something from every situation, I am “guilt-free” loving my life at the moment with her around.

As I’ve again turned up to this undying platform, I will be merrily putting my learnings, qualms and everything that I have garnered all these years and of course, get ready to load up with a couple of mommy/parenting blogs for all the naive yet new moms out there.

Disclaimer – Please don’t judge me, I am no expert, just a new parent who will be sailing in the same boat like many of you. 

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