My Daily Routine As A Work From Home Mom


Life can be a bit bizarre with babies, especially toddlers around! 

Though it is full of challenges, the joys it pelts at you are immeasurable.

For instance, I never thought I would be loving working from home more than anything (or any choice of career).

With courage, I am trying every bit to establish my work from home job a full-fledged lucrative source.


I get to spend more time with my girl.

I watch her grow.

And, very important, I don’t have to get ready for work and commute every single day.

No offends to ones who are opting a regular 9 to 5 job to seek solace and looking after their babies. It’s a lot. SALUTE!

So, let me get you an insight of how I manage to do a lot when my baby is around and at the same time watch her out, play with her and be an active participant in all her toddler activities.

6 30:00 AM — I am not an extremely early riser, but I always strive to become one! You see, 5 am group and all that glamour.

 So, half an hour I spend in the morning for freshening up and after the morning drink, I head for a workout. I can’t stress enough how important it is. For moms, it is the only time you get to invest for yourself. I chose morning workout as Nikhil would be around to wear the cap and take care of Keisha.

8:15 AM — I return from the gym and after washing off away that gunk and sweat, it’s mine and Keisha’s morning time. We hug, pelt kisses and just be with each other for a while. After taking a shower, I straight up head to prepare some breakfast.

10:00 AM — Meanwhile, after breakfast, bathing and husband’s off to the office, it’s me and Keisha who are now on their own for the rest of the day.

I quickly set her play and activity area. Engage her and make sure she will render some good 1 hour to let me work.

I hired a caregiver at home in the past to take care of Keisha, but sadly it didn’t work for us.

So, until I do not get someone good, it’s us.

I quickly settle up at my work station and resort to those games, activities and toys to let me work.

11:00 AM — It is the time when she heads for a nap, and after rocking her for half an hour, she sleeps. Yes, I still rock her.

11:30 AM— All time for work now until she wakes up. This is the time when I try getting done as much as possible. I work diligently and make the most out of the time. 

2:00 PM — She wakes up from her afternoon nap and as soon as she gets up, she’s hungry. I and she dig into some lunch and then seeking some energy, we involve in some playtime. These are the little perks that one get to do staying with the child and raising them. 

Cutting toy fruits, reading and some activities are all you need to get them engaged. This then goes for another good hour and so.

3:30 PM — I am back at my desk. Meantime, she gets involved in some self-indulgent games or activities. Though she is awake and very active, I make my self some coffee or tea and give her some snack to relish. The next two hours are my dedicated work hours wherein I try getting in some help from the house help or family if present to look after her.

5:30 PM— This calls for quintessential park time. Looking for new parks in the neighbourhood or playing in society, anyway nature time is what one child needs. I quickly carry some snacks along and watch her play and enjoy. This is also a breather for me, from the in-house bustle! While she is playing for a good 1 or 1.5 hours, I relax and unwind from every digital product. In case, she doesn’t want to play I stroll her along and we take a walk.

7:00 PM— This is the time when we start preparing for dinner and DAD is back, hence I quickly hand over the little girl gently to him. By 8ish we finish our dinner as a family. While DAD looks after her, I do my chores.

9:00 PM— She’s back to sleep, after being tired to bits and this is some time for peace and solace. Also, if some work is left, that is done now. I quickly finish my tasks and projects and call it a day!

10:00 PM— This is some quintessential entertainment plus quality time with the HUSBAND. (Guys, I can’t stress enough how important this time is).

 The alarm rings the next morning and there is a new day waiting with more happiness and new HOPES.

PS — I want to share, that a mother/woman is a ball of energy. How many curveballs are thrown at her, she is capacious to get everything done. I didn’t know until I became a mother and thought of giving up my career for a while, but stay at home working moms are the new force of Solopreneurs who can juggle everything like a BOSS.

Please share your bit of story or anything that you want to ask in the comments section below.

Till then, see ya!

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