TNW Multani Mitti face wash

Dealing With Oily Skin Mayhem


As long as I remember, my skin has always been extremely oily. So much so that at times I need to give a subtle accompaniment to blotting paper in my belongings, with a constant urge to dab that excessive oil. But as you know, skin issues are not alien to any of us. From acne, oily skin, dryness, we often look for products from the skincare arsenal to banish the culprit. But mostly, end up creating more harm than good. Resulting in an even more compromised skin.

Best face wash for oily skin
TNW multani mitti face wash

The reason that oily skin folks are more prone to acne is simple — the sebaceous glands producing natural oil, overproduce it, and make skin look oilier wherein you need a blotting paper to soak that excess oil. The excess sebum mixes with dead skin cells and stuck stubbornly in the pores. Hence, more acnes visiting your beautiful face.

I had been my worst when it came to dealing with acne and oily skin. So much so, I emptied my skincare arsenal just to rely on the natural remedies. Of course, not being an expert in the same, it didn’t work well, but yes satisfactorily I was assured — Natural is best.

I came across this brand called The Natural Wash for their indigenous line of skin care products that are completely organic and Ayurvedic. In fact, for taming oily skin woes, their Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) face wash is a blessing. Fuller earth is ideal in absorbing dirt and oil deeply from the skin and oh-so-amazing for clogged pores. As we know that fuller earth is packed with goodness and miraculously transitions the skin by brightening the complexion and clearing the skin. No question asked the pros of this ingredient had to put its magic on the skin.

The concoction of fuller’s earth, Kesar extract. sandalwood, licorice aloe vera extract, Vitamin E and C make it an ideal bet to deal with oily skin mayhem. After a week of usage, my skin drastically showed the radiance. It was less oily, glowy, and easily manageable. All you need to do is apply to the wet skin and gently massage in a circular motion. Wash it off and pat dry following this ritual every morning and night. Follow it with a gentle toner and moisturizer for effective results.

A promising addition to your skin regime if you need that extra pump of care. Buy it here

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