Bid adieu to 9 to 5 job!

Motherhood is the most blissful experience for every woman on the planet. It has its share of struggles, overwhelms, learnings but above all everything is worthy with your child’s SMILE.

However, with every new milestone, you evolve as a person with the baby and seeing him/her grow is the only heart-melting thing for you. The first 6 months after the birth pours in tremendous feelings, learnings and gear you up to don the cap of a mother. As soon as you were turning yourself into this melodious stride, there comes the knocking on the door— Hell, Mrs, Your maternity leave is about to get over.

The burgeoning stress takes over your blissful moments spent with your baby. However, to deal with this — some quit their jobs, some continue and others extend their leaves. In the middle of supporting the family, sometimes leaving your child back home with a caregiver is a thing. But not everyone has that kind of mental state ( Salute to those who are doing it).

Mom guilt is a thing, guys! 

So, here are many professional moms who end up leaving their jobs just to nurture the new human in their life. 

The calling for stay at home mums is an absolute struggle for all the working moms. Some love it, others don’t. I mean, others boast it, others camouflage. But in every way, it is admirable.

So, for all the moms who are struggling with their tag of stay at home moms with a lost career — Stand up! Your career is not over yet. You can still practice some amazing jobs from the comfort of your home and bring in a decent income to support the family!

1. Start a blog

You need to put in months of efforts and even years at times, to make your blog profitable. There are few basic tips and tricks that help you monetise your blog in the easiest (well, nothing is easy) yet effective way. I will share a complete guide on monetising your blog in my upcoming courses/ebooks.

But yes, for the beginners, it is a perfect platform to deck your hobbies in a way so that you can start making money. It could be as simple as putting your recipes on or as fashionable as planning a wardrobe for new moms. It’s your calling, mums! 

2. Start a YouTube channel

The behemoth market Youtube has created for the world, it is not wrong to say it is the second most famous search engine. And why not? The immense amount of videos watched and uploaded allow creators to visualize their content with full liberty. 

For stay at home moms, it surely is one of the most rewarding platforms as this way you can help others learn and share your bunch of information. 

Content creation has evolved so much in the past couple of years that it sees no end, only the sky is the limit. So, it’s never late! Get on your phone camera and start filming, folks!

3. Freelancing

This is one of the best options where you can be with your babies and work as well, at the comfort of your home. You can be a freelance writer, freelance video editor, freelance graphic designer and more. All you need to do is pick up your area of interest and get going. 

The vast market of digital media is always looking for talented folks who can offer the services to make their brand stand out. It can be as simple as writing down a portfolio and regulating it over the portals like Upwork, Problogegr and Linkedin.

The struggle may be there at first with several rejections, but then again, where it is not? 

4. Online craft seller

Unique and handcrafted artwork still makes all the buzz in the market. Are you crafty? Then think no more and plunge into this exciting business opportunity. You can make your handcrafted stuff and sell online on websites such as Etsy, Amazon, Flipkart and more. These sites charge a small portion for registration and then take a percentage of your sales. 

No doubt, it is one of the best ways to get your business going, and who knows in the coming time you are all set up with few workers under you. 

In fact, you can also set up your e-commerce website from many website providers in the market. List your products and get going. Social media like Instagram and Facebook are also great platforms to sell your products, both handcrafted or procured.

5. A virtual recruiter

Every company needs a host of extremely talented people and to get the company to that bunch is done by virtual recruiters or in-house recruiters. A very popular field, even better if you have prior recruiting experience. 

The job for a virtual recruiter is to save time and money for the company before meeting the candidate face to face. They are responsible to work independently or typically for an agency. In general, they are paid a percentage. This is another most promising job for stay at home moms with kids wherein they can take some training and start as a fresher.

6. Virtual tutors

Another profitable and exciting job is — online tutoring. With the help of platforms like skype. hangouts, facetime and others, online tutors or subject matter experts can teach students.

The companies or agencies generally do not require any in-state teaching certification, albeit a bachelor’s degree or some sort of demonstration of expertise in a subject through an exam or other types of assessment is needed. 

With convenient online training modules, it is not a hard nut to crack. Also, if you’ve prior experience in teaching or tutoring, virtual tutoring is just as fulfilling.

7. Start your online courses or write e-books

Another winning business scenario is starting your online course. Writing e-books or online courses are all the rage as it empowers women on short term goals with the best solution possible. 

working moms

Having said that, if you have a penchant for writing then see no further and write your online e-book. There are many free tools online that help in making the most creative and visually appealing e-book aiding the reader with the best resort. Keep your content on-point and market it right. 

Of course, marketing is another course, but as you initiate you shall better reap the maximum benefits.

All the say at home mums, gear up! You are today’s women and have all the facilities around to start working rather than grieving about your lost/resigned job. You are here to grow bigger, better.

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