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Why You Should Start a Blog Right Now, Even If Everyone Has Their Own?

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Each day is a good start, just the fact you need to be all geared up to take over to this stride.  That being said, 2019 is a good year to start on your blogging journey.


When everyone is doing their own blogs, the question of survival must have popped up into your mind. And certainly, you must have got discouraged “when everyone has their own, how I am going to sustain”. Trust me, blogging has changed extensively over the years. From a platform that was used as a journal to a wide and lucrative money-making business, it has evolved drastically. 

Why you need to start your blog

But trust me guys, it has MONEY.

Again, your main aim to start a blog shall not be only money, rather you should have a creative vision and realize your passion in this form.

Now coming down to the fact, why you should start blogging right now, I am listing 8 solid reasons that I think works fine for everyone —

1. Best way to share your passion and guide each other as a community 

2. Gives your work authenticity in this online world 

3. You can find new clients and grow

4. You don’t get bored with your work, at all

5. A great side business or an asset to your current business 

6. It’s no more a hobby, but a real money-making business 

7. Connect with like-minded individuals

8. You grow as a person 

These are the key pointers that shall be pushing you to get On-BOARD and START ASAP.

If you are a stay at home mom, take note this is again the most epic thing you could do with your career. I will suggest you to please sign up and enjoy my freebie and get some more online business/work ideas to earn some real money.

Now, without further ado, I am going to brief you with every reason.

Best way to share your passion and guide each other as a community

The key ingredients to make this wonderful blog recipe SUCCESSFUL are continuous efforts, zeal and a routine to work on it. Blogging is not everyone’s passion, but if it, then there is no looking back.

It is the best way to practice your passion and make it a reality. This way—

  1. You are teaching something to the people 
  2. Earning some good income too

The blogs you are writing are not just online journals, they are much more to someone. As growing is all about, learning from something or someone.

Gives your work recognition in this online world

Who doesn’t like getting recognized, and what better than this extravagant online space? Blogging gives you the taste of just that. An online blog is a public resume you tend to share with the world. It gives validity to your work.

Hence, directly proportional to impressing somebody with your resume and they be reaching to you for work. Blogging gives a prospect to your thoughts. And hey, here you are your own boss too.

A great way to shape up your ideas, thoughts and market it to ultimately monetizing it. 

You can find new clients and grow

It is not wrong to say that blogging, in today’s scenario has transitioned itself as a business. The very beginning, when I did set up my first blog in the year 2014 (a free WordPress blog), I was channelling my thoughts and writing randomly. I still pat my back for doing that. I started another blog but failed to make a noise there in a continuum (full-time job pressure).

Blogging in 2019

At last. I am here to make it work again. My experience in the digital space, working full time for several clients across the globe, made me realize it’s only when you stay steady at something, it surely pours result.

If you are just peeking into this space to start your blog, now is the time. You may start small, but the consistency of your work makes you evolve both monetarily and as an individual. Over time, you will find brands to sponsor you, affiliate marketing and ads. Understand it as an amalgamation of your passion+business = success.

You don’t get bored with your work, at all

When you work for yourself, trust me, you are never tired, you don’t need a vacation and you don’t snooze your alarms.

This is the innate driving force of working for yourself.

My husband, who is an Entrepreneur himself has always told me — you can crib about your manager, you can be saddened with appraisals, but there won’t be any day of GUILT when you work for yourself.

Starting a blog is another cup of business, the taste of which you can’t say no to. Blogging takes some real efforts, research and dedicated time to make it go. But yes, you won’t get bored. 

You will love eventually as what you are putting in are your very own ideas, treasured thoughts and making it a healthy recipe for your readers.

 A great side business or an asset to your current business 

With too much whining about your 9 to 5 job, you look for something that can be called your very own. Your blog is exactly just that.

If you are working in a corporate sector and anyway want some motivation to work for yourself, start a blog today. The risk is lower of failing and there are no monetary assets you are putting.

Eventually, it can turn out to be a lucrative piece of cake that will taste sweetest forever. Starting a blog is a brilliant idea as a side business or to add on to your existing business.

Sailing between business and job backgrounds, I now have a complete business prospect about my blog and how can I monetize it for some lucrative results. It’s profitable with the right strategy and you can work on it as an asset to your current business as well.

It’s no more a hobby, but a real money-making business 

Those who are still procrastinating their plan to start their blog, need to know— It is no more a hobby, rather a great business mindset that can render more than your 9 to 5 job income.

Blogging is cool! I mean you’ve seen bloggers sitting in the cafe, penning their thoughts and working like a pro. Yes, it all looks glamorous but hey, it is more than that. 

It is a business that can shape your endeavours seamlessly. Blogging is a hardcore money-making business and I can’t say it enough, why you need to join this space, right now.

You push yourself in this trajectory and evolve as a braver individual. Because putting your life in there ( if you want to) takes a lot.

In my next upcoming posts, I will share how you can earn real money with blogging

Connect with like-minded individuals

The perks of blogging are vast. It has always been vast. But what tops for me, above all, is meeting like-minded individuals and exchange a fair share of ideas. 

It is a potent community that backs you. Of course, there are people to crush you down, but where it is not?

It is a brilliant way to interact, meet and appreciate their suggestions about your work. It always opens room for you to evolve and learn. Learning is the key to any job, business or hobby. And blogging offers you just that.

If you are not there, start a blog today, as there are many several awesome folks waiting to smash you down or back you always. Kidding!

You grow as a person

Ultimately, you want this. I can’t agree more, but blogging legit changes your ideas, thoughts and your prospect to visualize the world. Of course, I feel lighter inside to let my thoughts flow. My first and second blogs were all about penning my thoughts down until I realize there can be a lot more done with blogging.

My journey as a digital content writer full time for elite businesses made sure that I need to set up my own profitable blog. Run it successfully and make some serious money out of it. I am still there chasing my goals, and I know it is not far.

See, I have evolved as a person.

I grew up to see the potential this place has. Not just that, take it from me, all you need is consistency to grow it BIGGER AND BETTER.

Your reluctance to write 500 words for someone else shall surely transition to write 3000 words in one flow, for your business. This is the magic of working for yourself!

Stop procrastinate to start your blog plans and do it ASAP. There is potential and when everyone else has one, who knows you scale up above all. 

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